Clarity MD Acne Treatment

ClarityMD is the first and only product used for acne treatment that contains PCX technology, a breakthrough discovery that utilizes the potent combination of solubilized bachuchiol (a powerful antimicrobial) and bisabolol (a proven anti-inflammatory). PCX helps Salicylic acid to target acne more effectively than any other existing acne treatment brand or product. And yet, it does it without the side effects experienced with other acne treatment products such as excessive dryness, stinging, redness or irritation.

Benefits include:

1. Quickly treat existing acne all over your face fast

2. Kills the acne, but not your skin (No Collateral Damage!)

3. Prevent new acne breakouts from happening

4. Stimulate healthy skin function for great looking skin

5. Helps to control oil production

Finally, one simple acne system that treats the major causes of acne, while also improving the texture/quality of your skin. Prepare to be impressed.